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These are some of my recent paintings and also some that I have created in the past.


“Ulhas bhat is a brilliant artist, gifted in a unique form of painting most artists rarely delve into.”


Shrawan PatilPonda, Goa

“I have known Ulhas since college, when we were classmates. Even back then, he had a flair for artistic pursuit and used to create beautiful paintings. It gives me immense happiness to see him chasing his passion.”


Mukul BaggaDelhi, India

About my paintings


To create my paintings, I use painting-grade Aluminium , Brass and copper sheet metal as the painting surface.


The paints that I use to create my paintings are specially crafted metallic paints which are transparent, and enhance the lustre of the metal.


After a painting is completed, a layer of polyurethane coating is applied on it. This protects the painting, increases its durability and also adds a unique sheen to the finished painting.

Taking care of the paintings

Even if these paintings are very durable and last a long time, be advised that they shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight, extreme heat or moisture.



Ulhas Bhat


An artist based in Goa, Mr. Ulhas Bhat has over the past two decades produced more than a hundred paintings ranging from landscapes, mythological scenes, portraits of deities, and all these have found a proud place in several homes in Goa, other parts of India and also abroad. People are so mesmerised by his art, that most end up buying multiple paintings.

Ulhas, who is 53, holds a Masters degree in Pharmacy from the Bombay University. He possessed artistic talent right from a young age and before he was 9 years old, he had let off his imagination on canvas and paper. Due to preoccupations with his studies he had to suppress his talents until he finished his Masters. It was only after he secured his Masters in Pharmacy in 1988 he began his artistic work, harder than ever, and today he is known for his immaculate finesse on foil.

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323 Finished paintings
252 Happy clients

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Ulhas Bhat provides artwork in Goa and also nationally and internationally which include artwork spanning portraits, landscapes.

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